Ingredients in Skincare Products to Avoid If You Have A Sensitive Skin

Anyone with sensitive skin can easily relate to the stress and difficulty involved in choosing the right skincare products for their body. A product that is great for almost any other person's skin causes different annoying reactions on yours, like inflammation, red skin, etc. Here are some of the products to avoid if you have sensitive skin.



  • Avoid products with synthetic fragrances

It’s always nice to be around nice scents; on your clothes, your hair, your body, or your surrounding as a whole. However, you should never do this at the expense of your skin. When using a skincare product that contains fragrance, you should note that fragrance has ingredients that may react negatively to your sensitive skin.


  • Avoid chemical sunscreen products and essential oil

Applying sunscreens to your skin is absolutely necessary for your body. However, applying the wrong product could have a devastating effect on your skin. Chemical sunscreen products when applied on sensitive skin can cause certain allergic reactions, stinging effects, and information of the skin. Essential oils can also be quite complicated on sensitive skins as they contain different ingredients, some of which may not go well your sensitive skin.


  • Avoid skincare products containing alcohol

Alcohol contents in skincare products are one of the most common causes of dryness and irritation for people with sensitive skin. Though alcohol such as ethanol are very active solvents that make products dissolve easily in water, these products might not be beneficial to people with sensitive skin as a result of the many side effects that could be experienced when applied on your skin.

When visiting a spa, you should also ensure that you go for one whose staff already have enough experience in dealing with sensitive skin and will also use suitable skincare products during your therapy.


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