Types of Physical Massage Therapy and When to Apply Them

There are different types of massages and different conditions and situations where they could be applied. If you are planning to visit the spa for your massage therapy and don’t know which of the different types of massage might suit your needs, this article is just for you·        



Swedish massage

The Swedish massage is one of the most popular and standard massage therapies currently in existence. This kind of massage is best for people who are not used to massage or for those who are sensitive to touch. The Swedish massage is very useful for people with lumps, knobs, or swelling in the muscle, and also helps in relaxing the body and mind. The Swedish massage is a full body massage is a preferred massage for many people.


·         Hot stone massage

The hot stone massage is advisable for people experiencing muscle pain, tension, or if just need to relax. The hot stone massage is quite similar to the Swedish massage but different in the sense that heated stones are used alongside the therapist's hands. This type of massage can improve blood flow, reduce pain, relieve stress, and also help people relax.


·         Trigger point massage

The trigger point massage is a focused massage therapybest suited for people feeling pains at a specific spot in their body. This kind of massage is usually helpful in managing the conditions of people with injuries, serious pains, or any other conditions located deep in the muscles.


·         Deep tissue massage

Just like the trigger point massage, deep tissue massage also focuses on specific areas of the body. This type of massage targets muscle friction deep in the muscles and tissues. Deep tissue massage is suited for those who have wavering injuries or chronic pain and are experiencing restricted mobility due to such pains or injuries.


·         Reflexology massage

In this type of massage, different amounts of pressure are applied to certain parts of the body like the feet, hands, and ears. Some of the benefits of reflexology massage are that it reduces stress and anxiety and also helps in lifting the moods of people.

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