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Eyelash Extensions Have you seen some of the "eyelashes" these days? All we can say is "wow!" Traditionally, women have had to rely on obviously fake lash applications that weren't consistent and rarely created a naturally full appearance. ESSpa Kozmetika is proud to present the latest breakthrough in Eyelash Extensions for a beautiful and natural look and feel that will last up to 60 days! Rita Calfo is a seasoned professional that concentrates on making your sure your new lashes perfectly fit your face in order to ensure that you naturally beautiful. Not only are they perfect for special occasions but also for every day wear for vibrant, long and luscious lashes.
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Did you know that you have hundreds of eyelashes and they naturally fall out all the time. We recommend touch-ups every 2-4 weeks to keep your new Lashes looking their best.
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ECOderm® - The Latest breakthrough in High-Frequency Ultrasound!

ECOderm combines highly effective 10MHz high-frequency ultrasound waves with the world-famous LDM® technology and the new and unique TRIPLE technology from Wellcomet®!

Whether in the Basic 10 MHz version or with the dual LDM® -(3/10MHz) or TRIPLE LDM® technology (1/3/10 MHz)...WE HAVE THE ANSWER!

The ECOderm® can be individually adapted to your body's specific needs according to the modular principle!. Fields of application:

ECOderm® Triple LDM® Technology ADVANTAGES
- 10MHz technology with a half depth of penetration of just 3mm
- Flexibly expandable to the unique technologies (LDM® and TRIPLE LDM®)
- Adapts to a variety of requirements to best suit your exact needs and deliver the best possible results.
- Higher effectiveness with TRIPLE LDM® technology. - Anti-Aging
- Couperosis
- Chronic Acne (Kosmetische Acne)
- Skin improvement
- Express lifting
- Phonophoresis
- Skin Folds
- Acne scars
- Scars

LDM® / 10 MHz - The role of 10 MHz
Although therapeutic ultrasound is frequently used in medicine for the insertion of various preparations (phonophoresis), this method of treatment has so far never found any serious application in aesthetic practice. The reason for this is mainly the relatively deep effect of the ultrasound waves that are used.

The half of the penetration depth(the distance after which the intensity of the sound reduces to 50% of the value on the skin's surface) for waves with a frequency of 1 MHz, for example, is approx. 3 cm, and it is approx. 1 cm for 3 MHz. For ultrasound waves with a frequency of 10 MHz, this value, on the other hand, is just 0.3 cm approx., which makes its use in dermatology and aesthetic therapy far more beneficial than other frequencies. As a result, the effect is mainly concentrated on the epidermis and dermis where ageing processes take place or pathological changes occur.

ESSpa EXquisite
The EXquisite is the ultimate answer to those in search of the most luxurious Spa experience. It has been said that this combination of our most indulgent treatments has the power to completely change your outlook on life. Tired? Sad? Depressed? Emotionally or Physically Drained? THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE after the ESSpa Kozmetika EXquisite Experience. It begins with our most special 2 hour Ultimate Signature Facial customized to your skin type. Next up, our 90 minute Hot Stone Massage with Traditional European Salt Glow will completely extinguish all trace of stress and sore spirits. Any remaining troubles will then be washed away in our one-of-a-kind 14-head Rainstorm shower. Special attention will then be directed to your extremities during our Ultimate Signature Manicure and Ultimate Signature Pedicure, leaving you feeling like a brand new person from head to toe. Finish with a professional MakeUp Lesson and Application.
~ Seven Hours. $599.00