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To mitigate the spread of Covid19, Governor Wolf has ordered ESSpa to temporarily cancel all services and we will try to reopen on May 1st. We apologize for this inconvenience and hope that you take care of yourself and your loved ones. When we reopen, we will contact all cancelled guests to reschedule their appointments.

Please note that we WILL reopen as soon as it is safe and we are allowed to do so - and know that we are taking every possible effort to ensure that all of our incredible employees are taken care of during this crisis and long into the FUTURE. Our business is nothing without our employees and our truly special customers.

We will also be available for Product and Gift Card Purchases 24/7 via our webshop. We have also paused all Memberships and BOGOs. If you need an answer to an immediate question, please email us at Covid@esspa.com. Thank you for your understanding and be safe! ~ Eva and Scott Kerschbaumer

Greetings and welcome. At esSpa Organic Hungarian Skincare and Salon, you deserve (and will receive) the best experience for the best value. Value does not mean cheap. Value means getting great quality for a fair price. And that is exactly what we promise to deliver, to every guest, for every service, on every visit. Guaranteed.

ESSpa takes nothing more serious than keeping our space clean and our employees and customers safe and healthy. We are following all CDC guidelines and will reopen as soon as we are able to do so.

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Please note. If you would like to enjoy Facials with Eva all year long for less than $40 per visit, take advantage of our Family Spa Membership Program (it includes Facials with Eva)

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