Effective, Results Oriented Skincare Treatments - Just for Men

ESSpa Kozmetika offers a Full Program of Skincare Treatments Designed specifically for Men

Mars vs. Venus. Men and women are made differently so we designed skincare treatments at ESSpa Kozmetika just for men to help oxygen, essential vitamins, water and nano-peptides penetrate into the tissues and reach the parts of the epidermis which other creams can’t. The combination of our Hungarian techniques and products provide male skin with the raw materials necessary for healthy cellular activity, to ensure a vibrant, young, glowing complexion. Not only that, but delivering these vital nutrients into the dermis will help eliminate razor burn, reduce scar tissue, reduce in-growing hairs, whilst the high-frequency, ozone and oxygen on the surface will sterilize any cuts caused by shaving and accelerate the healing process. Just like female skin, spots/bacteria cannot survive in an oxygenated skin so breakouts and blemishes are also reduced.