Corporate Spa Program enhances Employee Health

Corporate Spa Program


Corporate Spa Wellness Program will increase Worker Productivity, Client Loyalty and Employee Health.

Job Related Stress is at an all-time high. Today's employees (and employers) are showing increased signs of depression, absenteeism and other health-related problems as they are asked to work harder and longer than ever before. Health insurance, once intended to help businesses combat these problems, has become a costly (and now a political) option that focuses on the symptoms and rarely treats the cause. And doctor visits are rarely, if ever, considered as fun and relaxing as would be a trip to a spa.

Enter ESSpa Kozmetika Organic SkinCare with their Corporate Spa Wellness Program. “Job related stress causes serious trauma to the adrenal glands and affects each person on a variety of different levels as it saps both mental and physical strength. Today’s employees are being asked to be more productive for less reward. The current economic environment has created an overwhelming level of stress in our clients and the result is poor performance, not just in their work but in their daily lives.” says ESSpa Kozmetika CEO and Hungarian native, Eva Kerschbaumer. Her response to this disturbing trend is the Corporate Spa Wellness Program, designed to allow your Company to provide your employees with a means to reduce work-related pressures. For an annual fee of $9,999, Corporate Spa Wellness Program participants can send any two persons (employees, clients, recruits, etc.) per week to this rejuvenating European-style facility (named The 3rd Best in America" by The Industry Source Magazine) for 52 consecutive weeks to enjoy ANY treatment they wish PLUS 2 (two) extra treatments per month - for a total of 128 total treatments. Located at 17 Brilliant Avenue just 8 miles north of Downtown Pittsburgh (and 2 miles from RIDC in O'Hara Twp) - ESSpa Kozmetika employs an international staff of fully-licensed, Hungarian-trained professionals who furnish clients with world-class Spa Treatments 7 days a week. Clients can take advantage of a variety of spa services including individually customized Organic Facials; 10 types of Massages; Vegan Pedicures and Manicures; MicroDermabrasion; Body Wraps; Salt and Sugar Scrubs; Hair Removal and more. Employers can use the Corporate Spa Wellness Program as the ultimate incentive, associate bonus, birthday gift or simply as a reward for a job well done. Businesses can also use the Corporate Spa Wellness Program as an attractive perk to pursue new and/or loyal customers to increase sales. During their visit, Program members will have access to exclusive lines of all-natural, organic skincare products imported from Hungary, Switzerland and Germany combined with products created using locally sourced organic produce. These patented products, produced in small batches under exacting standards of purity and quality control, are only available in the Tri-State area through ESSpa Kozmetika.

Unique among American day spas, ESSpa Kozmetika is fashioned after an authentic European boutique where services are based on fundamental skincare treatments that Mrs. Kerschbaumer learned and practiced in her native Budapest prior to coming to America in 1996. Her Hungarian Facials help combat PC Skin Trauma induced by the electromagnetic fields of computer screens that cause rosacea-like symptoms and other forms of Adult Acne. Our Certified Massage Therapists provide therapeutic benefits that promote mental and physical health. Manicures and Pedicures are based on natural therapies as an essential component of grooming and cleanliness that also help reduce carpal tunnel syndrome. And our Body Wraps and Demabrasion help rejuvenate and restore tired skin to a more youthful glow resulting in a client’s renewed vigor, self-esteem and alertness.

Prior to the current economic malaise, companies’ expected a great deal from their employees but they offset the stress of these demands with perks like casual work environments, foosball, arcade games, on-staff chefs, extravagant retreats and other collegial-type amenities. With the recent and resilient recession, these benefits were among the first on the financial chopping-block, leaving only the stress. As companies jockey for position in the current economy, Pittsburgh businesses that incorporate the Corporate Spa Wellness Program into their benefits package will undoubtedly realize a competitive advantage in employee recruitment, retention, productivity and ultimately - greater profits.

“As a Founding Member of the Green Spa Network and the only GSN Spa in Pennsylvania, our clients consistently compare their spa experience at ESSpa Kozmetika to be equal to or better than what they have found in the most exclusive resorts around the world,” says Mrs. Kerschbaumer. “By utilizing the Corporate Spa Wellness Program, Pittsburgh area Employers can now provide their associates and clients with all of the amenities, and health benefits, of a world-class Spa for just dollars per day.”

Purchased separately, the suggested retail price of 128 ESSpa Kozmetika services could easily exceed $29,200. An added feature of the Program is benefits that are completely transferable throughout the company PLUS any additional treatments scheduled by members will receive a 20% discount.

Spa Family Wellness Programs are also available at a special price. Most importantly, a prepaid day at the Spa is always fun and relaxing.