Organic Skincare Treatments for Children, Kids, Teens and Students

We educate young men and women about the importance of proper skincare as early as possible

Start Young to Stay Young

Kids and young adults are constantly bombarded with images of how society thinks they should look, act and feel. Life is difficult enough for young people without having to worry about a beakout of acne, or dry skin or just feeling tired and stressed-out. ESSpa Kozmetika owner, Eva Sztupka, has always made it her mission to help young people increase Self-esteem, confidence, fitness, motivation, overall health by educating them about the benefits of regular spa treatments. In her native Budapest, kids never went to Dermatologists and didn't have the choice of Accutane or even Oxy10 (they were lucky if bananas were for sale). So the common way to care for young faces and skin was to go to the local spa every week for a facial. When you start young and make ESSpa Kozmetika Treatments part of your regular routine, your skin is able to retain its natural balance enabling it to sustain collagen production, tightness and elasticity longer and combat environmental pollution, increased stress, hormonal imbalances, breakouts and aging. To help introduce our young guests to all the benefits of proper skincare, ESSpa Kozmetika is pleased to offer the following Spa Treatments specifically designed for kids only (ages 6-17). We are committed to providing a safe environment for everyone - Pennsylvania Law requires all persons age 18 and under who receive closed door massage treatments must have a parent or an adult guardian in the room for the duration of the service. Call (412) 782-3888 for details, and let ESSpa Kozmetika teach your young adult proper skincare.