PRX-T33 WiQo Italian Peel

The latest BioRevitalization Treatment from Europe

WiQo PRX-T33 is an innovative and effective chemical treatment from Italy with over two million applications performed in medical aesthetic offices all around the world. WiQo is a revolutionary cosmetic treatment that promotes natural skin regeneration in a gradual, painless, and delicate way, known as Biorevitalization. Right from the first application, your skin will be improved without the use of needles or invasive procedures.

PRX-T33 Italian Peel in Pittsburgh at ESSpa

WiQo can give dramatic improvement in texture and laxity of the skin, rejuvenate, reduce the effects of aging, and give a renewed vitality at any age. WiQo treatments help to prevent further signs of aging in a non-invasive way, without interrupting everyday life, with a natural and long lasting effect.

WiQo is a chemical treatment call PRX-T33. The patented formula is applied to your skin using a specific technique, and gives immediate improvement to texture and laxity that can be seen due to the deep hydrating effect on your skin. There is no peeling, no flaking, no photosensitivity, and no downtime.
WiQo Italian Peel - Series of 3

Orig. Price: $975.00

Sale Price: $800.00