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EXCLUSIVITY. When Eva decided to open ESSpa Kozmetika, she made a decision to use only the best performing products regardless of price. We constantly test and ensure the efficacy of these exclusive skincare products by using them in actual treatments - every single day - in our nationally ranked dayspa. If you have not already done so, you are invited to schedule a complimentary skincare evaluation during which Eva will examine your skin and prescribe a custom skin-care program that will yield the best possible results from these products. She will explain how each product works, and will teach you how to properly use them. Eva prescribes and sells only safe, effective, cosmeceutical-grade products that have been personally tested on PEOPLE not friendly little bunnys and other animals. That being said, we invite you to watch the Story of Cosmetics by Free Range Studios.

To be sure, Eva and her team agree with Annie Leonard that the vast majority of cosmetics that are marketed as "natural" or "organic" or whatever are most definitely NOT. And while we don't necessarily agree that more government regulation and/or legislation is the answer, we DO believe that you can never have too much information. THAT is the difference and THAT is what drives the ESSpa Kozmetika Green Mission - we are green because we have taken the time to educate ourselves about the ingredients that are in the products we use. We would never willingly give up our individual responsibility to ourselves or to YOU to know exactly what we are putting in and/or on our face, body, nails, etc.

Many of the procedures and treatments that ESSpa Kozmetika offers are most effective when combined with topical applications. Eva always explains which products you should use when you discuss a procedure with her. Eva stocks these products as well.

If you already have a skin-care routine and know what type of product best suits you, you may purchase any product in our Online Store without prior consultation with Eva. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to ask.

You can also purchase your skin-care products from Eva directly when you visit ESSpa Kozmetika. As part of your appointment, your therapist will provide you with a customized Skinscription that clearly shows our recommendations and usage.

We hope you will always find it simple and convenient to purchase these high-quality skin-care products from our Online Store; your order will be delivered directly to your home or office — or to anywhere that you specify! We offer:

Most important, all of our skincare products produce visably effective results. You can shop ESSpa Kozmetika with confidence because our virtual boutique uses 128 bit SSL encryption to ensure your protection. We accept all major credit cards and PayPal. Call (412) 782-3888 or fax us at (412) 291-1022. We invite you to Browse & Buy Products or purchase Gift Cards online. You can also Click Here to receive Special EvaSaver Discounts.