Facial Cleanser vs. Bar Soap: Which is Better For Your Face?

Taking care of your face is vital to a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a youthful look. A good skincare routine involves washing your face twice a day.

While many people abide by these rules, not all know the best methods to clean their faces.

Some people use soap in washing their faces, while others use facial cleansers. Want to know which of the two products are better for your face? Keep reading to find out.

  • The Difference Between The Two Products

Due to the sensitive nature of the face, these products have different effects when you use them to wash your face. Facial cleansers, when used on your face, removes oil germs, dirt, bacteria, etc.

The use of bar soaps also performs the same functions. However, the difference is that facial cleansers maintain your skin’s natural oil, which is essential in moisturizing your skin.

Bar soaps (especially harsh soaps), on the other hand, wash off the natural oil, thereby making your skin susceptible to dryness, irritation, and flaking. Generally, facial cleansers are gentler on the face than bar soaps. 


  • The Best Facial Cleansers To Use On Your Face

The kind of facial cleansers you should use varies depending on the nature and texture of your skin.

However, no matter your skin type, you should use products that don’t have fragrance, hypoallergenic products, and products that do not have a soap base in them.

In case you have any skin issues like acne, redness, pimples, etc., you should consult your beauty therapist for advice on the best facial cleansers to use to treat such problems.


  • The Best Bar Soaps To Use On Your Face

Just in case you do not have access to the facial cleansers you need for your face, or perhaps you’re allergic to the ones available, you can still use bar soaps as a great alternative.

Although most bar soaps are made with harsh chemicals for your face, some of them can be used on your face due to the gentle ingredients in them, while others are specifically designed for face cleansing.

When using bar soaps on your face, go for oil-based soaps to help prevent dryness. Your beauty therapist can help you to select the perfect bar soap with the right ingredients for your skin type.


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