3 Common Skin Care Mistakes People Make Daily

Taking proper care of your skin is not negotiable as your outward appearance speaks volumes about you. Nowadays, while trying to keep the skin smooth, fresh, and beautiful, most people make a lot of mistakes in their skin care routine.  Below is a list of common skin care mistakes people make.

  • Using Too Many Exfoliating Products

Proper exfoliation of the skin helps remove dead skin cells from your body and helps to smoothen your skin. Some people make the mistake of applying too many exfoliating products on their skin.

This could have a devastating effect on your skin and also on your health. Application of too many exfoliating products leads to side effects like dehydration and inflammation. It will also lead to healthy skin cells being destroyed.

Instead of using too many chemical products, you should use body scrubs regularly to exfoliate your skin; go for organic skincare products which have little or no side effects on the skin.


  • Not Applying Enough Sunscreen on Your Skin 

A lot of people go about their daily routine without bothering to apply sunscreen on their bodies. This is a wrong habit that ought to be stopped. Applying sunscreen to your body helps in protecting your body against sun rays which have deadly effects on your skin.

You should apply sunscreen as many times as you can in a day. While applying the product, ensure that you apply it generously all over your body.

Sunscreen application is not restricted to a particular season but should be used all year round no matter your skin type. You can ask your beauty therapist for advice on the best sunscreen products to use.


  • Using the Wrong Skincare Products

Although there are millions of skincare products out there, you should note that not all these skincare products are great for you. Once you find what works for you, you should stick to the product.

Your beauty therapist can also give you advice on the best skin care products to use depending on your age and the nature of your skin. You should also develop a regular skincare routine and visit the spa as often as possible.


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