3 Benefits of Infant Massage

Infant massage is beneficial to both parent(s) and their child as it helps strengthen the bond between parent and the child. The massage experience enables the parents and infants to deal with further stress or uneasiness. Here are some of the benefits of infant massages to both parents and their infant.



  • It facilitates growth and increases babies’ weight

Research has shown that regular and appropriate infant massages can help build your baby’s immune system and facilitate the growth rate of the baby as well as increasing the bodyweight of your child.

Infant massage therapy, when handled by the professionals, usually stimulates the baby’s central nervous system, and in turn positively affects different parts of the baby’s system and stimulates the growth hormones. Generally, infant massages will help improve your baby’s weight and size.


  • It helps relieve babies’ pain, discomfort, and other ailments

When it comes to soothing discomforts and body pains in babies, infant massages can work wonders! Massages, when given in the right manner and time, can help drastically reduce tension, ease pain, and body aches that may result from teething, stomach ache, or body pains.

It also reduces chronic colds in babies. This will help your baby relax and be more tuned in to the world. In addition, infant massages also help in improving the baby’s mental and emotional well-being.


  • It improves the sleep time for babies 

Properly massaging your babies helps them to feel calm and relaxed, which will mitigate any feeling that compels the baby to constantly cry. Once your baby finally feels relaxed and comfortable, they will sleep much deeper and soundly, which will also give you enough time to rest and do other chores that need your attention.

It is quite important that you massage your babies very often. However, there are different kinds of infant massages and different methods of applying them.

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