How to Maintain Strong and Healthy Nails

Maintaining healthy nails is quite easy and stress-free. Yet, most people fail to achieve this as a result of neglect or ignorance. Follow the tips below to maintain healthy and strong nails.

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  • Practice good nail hygiene

When you maintain good nail hygiene, you will not just have strong and healthy nails, but also avoid having to visit the doctor to treat some nail infections or the other.  To stop your nails from breaking or snagging, you should frequently trim them and use a nice file to smoothen the edges of your nails.

In addition to trimming and filing, you should also buff your nails regularly. Avoid biting your fingers or picking at your cuticles as they can disfigure your nail and cause injuries on your fingers.


  • Always put on dish gloves while washing

When your fingers have prolonged contact with water, it weakens your nails easily no matter how strong they may be. Frequent contact with water is one of the major causes of fingernail splitting. When you have to wash your dishes in warm and soapy water, take active measures and protect your nails against the effects of the water by putting on gloves.


  • Always apply a protective layer to your nails

It is not advisable to always keep your nails naked without adding any protective layers on the. Using nail hardeners, hand lotions, etc., will help protect and harden your nails.

You should also master the habit of pampering your nails and cuticles as they are fragile and need constant attention to remain strong and healthy. Most importantly, regularly visit your spa therapist for a pedicure, manicure, and nail conditioning to maintain healthy and strong nails.

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