Sunscreen Application: Is it a Must or Should it Ignored?

Applying sunscreen on your body is a simple necessity after a strenuous exercise, after a good swim, before steeping under the hot sun, etc.

With that being said, we’ll be giving you a few reasons why you need to apply sunscreen regularly on skin. What are the essential ingredients found in sunscreen? Basically, the major ingredients you will find in any sunscreen are divided into two: The physical (inorganic) ingredients and chemical (organic) ingredients. Some sunscreen products may contain either the physical ingredients or the chemical ingredients, while other products may combine both ingredients. At ESSpa, we have both physical sunscreens (which we prefer) and FDA-approved full-spectrum sunscreens.

The chemical ingredients contain benzophenones, cinnamates, and salicylates as it’s major components. The chemical ingredients in a sunscreen usually help to absorb UV rays, thereby reducing its penetration into the skin. The physical ingredients on the other hand, contain titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. These ingredients mainly stay on the skin and hinder UV rays from having contact with your skin. Importance of sunscreen on the body First of all, just as the name implies, sunscreen protects you from the harsh consequences of direct contact with the sun, thereby helping you avoid sunburn, discolorations, dark spots, sagging or leathery skin, and wrinkles.

Sunscreen also helps reduce risks of developing certain cancer types and it helps you maintain young and beautiful skin. It helps keep your skin tone even too. What are the types of sunscreen and when do you use them? Apart from the popular sunscreen lotion, a lot of cosmetic companies have developed different types of sunscreens. Popular among them are the spray type, which is very convenient when applying on kids; the hypoallergenic sunscreen, which is perfect for those with sensitive skin; the sunscreen stick that’s used to apply the sunscreen on certain spots on the body; and even the type that’s perfect when you decide to stay indoors. Apart from applying sunscreen to your body, there are many more things you need to do to give it a flawless and youthful look.

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