3 Differences Between A Day Spa and A Med spa

No matter the kind of spa you walk into, a visit there holds promises of a fun, relaxing, and beautifying experience for you.

Despite these similarities, you must have heard of some spas being referred to as day spas, while others are called med spas.

The main difference between these spas lies in the method of the treatment and the therapist in charge. Below are some of the major differences between a day spa and a med spa.


  • The Method of Operation and Treatment 

The kind of skincare or beauty treatments gotten from a med spa varies from that gotten from a regular day spa in the sense that med spas usually offer medical-grade treatments and their beauty therapy is aimed mostly at rejuvenating and treating most skin diseases.

Med spas are known to use cutting edge medical technology for skin treatment.  Day spas, on the other hand, usually offer non-medical-grade treatment and don’t need the presence of any licensed medical officer because their beauty treatments are rather light and less complicated.


  • The Qualifications of The Therapists to Treat You

At a med spa, all treatments and therapies will be done under the care and supervision of a licensed medical officer or a physician while in a day spa, every treatment and therapy will be carried out by estheticians, nail techs, etc. You can also expect to see and be treated by cosmetologists and massage therapists without the presence or supervision of medical personnel.

While these beauty consultants are also present at the med spa, their treatment and activities are carried out under the supervision of the medical officer.


  • Treatment Focus and Levels 

Med spas usually focus on a variety of stubborn skin ailments like acne, aging signs, scarring, skin irritation, etc. Medical spas are mainly targeted at the rejuvenation and treatment of the skin while day spas are for relaxation and mild beauty treatments.

At a day spa, you get to relax and be pampered, while you receive light beauty treatment. However, when you need a more advanced beauty treatment, a medspa is the option for you.


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