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Congratulations, you have taken the first (and some would say, most important) step towards a rewarding business and life experience. That being said, opening your own new business is not for the faint of heart. In fact, if you are not prepared for some very long hours of working really really hard - stop reading this and go back to slaving away for someone else..............................................................

Still here?! Okay then, on with the show. We could give you some professional wiz-bang catch-phrases and Tony Robbinsesque self-help anecdotes but in our experience that won't pay your utility bills every month or make a difference to the plumber you have to call at 10pm to fix an overflowing toilet (by the way, we have been to Tony's live VIP seminars and no one does what Tony does better). What we will provide you is a reality-tested, proven approach to opening your own spa or salon from the gound up. ESSpa Kozmetika Skincare founder and CEO, Eva Kerschbaumer and her husband Scott assisted by a group of seasoned professionals will painstakenly guide you through the maze that is starting your own spa business.

Spa Owners and other interested parties can get instant access to our vault of reports, strategies and owner-specific information here.

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To start, we will help you identify the ideal location. This sounds easy but involves many more details than you might think - details that you will have to live with every day for as long as you own your business. Eva, Scott and their group of professionals will assist with lease negotiations, local zoning ordinances and obtaining proper business licensing and permits. (depending on your local ordinance procedures, this can take many months).

Second, your Spa Consultant will help you identify and hire the best design and construction personnel that stays within your budget and holds true to your vision. From a small 800 sq.ft. boutique spa to a large 15,000 sq.ft. full-service wellness center, our team has successfully planned, built and operated numerous establishments that are each unique and profitable.

Third, as your new spa nears completion, your Spa Consultant will help you create and build your menu of services and the specific protocols for each treatment that will define your image and set you above and beyond the rest of your local competition. From Facials, to Nailcare, to Massages to Hair, Coloring and everything in between, your Spa Consultant will be the voice in your ear helping your new business identify and concentrate on doing what you do best.

Fourth, prior to opening, your Spa Consultant will help you identify appropriate staff and institute a rigorous team-based training program designed to create a productive and customer-oriented group of employees who will help you create a profitable business venture. Remember, you can overcome design flaws, bad leases, incalcitrant building inspectors, backed-up plumbing and many other hurdles, but bad employees will allow you to lose more money faster that all the rest combined. And good employees following a bullet-proof business plan and treatment protocols can help the even the most mundane spa become world-class.

Fifth, your Spa Consultant will continue to help you on a regular basis to identify items that need attention:

  1. Advertising - what works best; how much to spend; consistent message across all media types and more.
  2. Specials - when to run them; how much to discount and how much for who.
  3. Client Retention - how to make guests come back, with friends and spend more each time.
  4. Gift Cards - who, when, why, where and how much.
  5. Internet - the key to unlocking your profitable future.
  6. Retail Sales - what products; display ideas; discounts; and techniqies that work best.

Spa Directors Program. Learning how to profitably manage your spa is one of the most important requirements for any spa business. Understanding how to operate your spa business and not loose money but in fact earn a profit, is the focus of the Directors Program. We also feature a number of shorter 1/2 and full day courses designed to help maximize the performance of your spa. Students will learn from Hungarian native and ESSpa Kozmetika Skincare owner, Eva Sztupka and her husband Scott Kerschbaumer. They will also experience how a spa operates, plus you will meet the staff, and have chances to ask them all the questions that you may wish to provide you with the best chance to succeed in an increasingly competitive industry, and thats what Eva had in mind for you when you come to her school.

If you are thinking about joining the growing spa industry, make your first business decision your best and call ESSpa Kozmetika Organic Skincare today for your free initial consultation and to learn more about our options, availaibility and fees.

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All of us wish you the best of luck in your new business venture and feel free to call us anytime that you may have a question.

Spa Owners, Partners, Managers, Indepedant Contractors and other interested parties who are tired of stress and cash-flow worries can now receive instant access to our exclusive vault of reports, strategies and owner-specific information here.
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