HoliDay Spa Gift Cards from 'The Best Spa in Pittsburgh'

We can mail a Physical Gift Card or send an Instant eGift - Your Choice, Your Way

To ensure quick Delivery, we encourage all purchasers to use our Instant Online eGift Certificate Option. We encourage you to compare ESSpa Kozmetika to other Pittsburgh area spas and salons before you buy. Just remember that our Gift Cards NEVER EXPIRE and have NO FEES. With over 15,000 individual treatments safely delivered in 2021 alone, our guests already know that you simply get more value from ESSpa Kozmetika.


Print or Email a Gift Card from any computer (or smart phone) right now!

Thanksgiving, Christmas, Mother's Day, New Years, Birthdays, Anniversary, Baby Shower, Wedding, etc. Don't worry if you forgot a little something because we make it easy to demonstrate your thoughtfulness (even if you waited til the last minute) - simply create a customized gift certificate in just a few clicks. Immediate delivery, instant satisfaction. The only thing better is the treatment itself.

Please note: You can choose to either mail a physical Gift Card or instantly send a Virtual eGift Certificate to yourself or to anyone you like. There will be a small shipping charge to physically mail a physical gift card. There are no extra fees when you buy an Instant Online eGfit.