Know About ESSPA’s Popular SPA Packages in Pittsbu

Jun 20, 2023
There’s perhaps nothing more relaxing and rejuvenating than getting a spa done. Spa therapy not only calms you down but also nourishes your skin, hair, and soul. It also a great idea to gift a spa package to your loved one. You can book various packages such as holiday package, day spa packages, and more. ESSPA offers a spa package services that are customized to cater to age groups and genders. For instance, you can book holiday spa packages for your mother, father, siblings, friends, and so on of any age and size. This post discusses the spa package services offered by ESSPA in Pittsburgh, their benefits, and more.

What’s in the Package?
As mentioned, ESSPA in Pittsburgh has a variety of packages for all age groups, size, ones for couples, family wellness programs, corporate programs, and so on. You can simply choose to pamper yourself or a loved one or opt for special treatments such as skin care, beauty treatments, tanning, healing, and so on. Here are some of the most popular package types or categories, which can be chosen based on your personal preferences, time available, budget, and so on.

Day Spa Package Services: Under this category ESSPA offers a number of packages ranging from a couple hours to a whole day. For instance, the ESSprit Spa Package is of two hours and comprises a 45-minute massage, a hair blow out and style and a Hungarian short facial.
There another package of 3.5 hours called ESSential, which comprises a Hungarian Long Facial, a 60-minute massage, a luxury shampoo, blow out, and style. This also includes lunch and champagne! With these and more such packages which are cost effective as well, you can relax and pamper yourself. This is also just perfect for gifting.

The dinner duet couples massage is a perfect package to gift your partner on birthday or anniversary. It offers a truly romantic evening to the couple with pure indulgence. After champagne toast on arrival, there’s a side by side massage for one hour. After this the couple can enjoy a candle-lit dinner.
ESSPA also offers family wellness programs which comprise weekly individual services for 52 weeks for an entire family. You can choose massages, facials, manicures, and many other treatments based on your preferences.

ESSPA’s corporate wellness programs have actually helped employers retain their employees and keep them happy. A stressful work schedule can cause depression, anxiety, absenteeism, and so on. These programs help employees unwind and relax. This package comprises almost 200 treatments for 52 weeks, which an employee can choose based on their preferences. An employer can gift a particular package to an employee as performance award to motivate them.

Holiday Spa Packages: You can book a weekend or a long holiday at ESSPA with the wonderfully rejuvenating holiday packages they offer. There are packages such as Healthy Holiday Fling which is a short and quick massage while on a holiday. You can also book a holiday package of one day, wherein you can get unlimited spa treatments for an entire day along with lunch and private reception.

Our Pittsburgh Day Spa, Massage + Salon comprises a bunch of packages encompassing facials, massages, manicures, and more. ESSPA has international staff of fully-licensed, Hungarian-trained professionals to offer you the best services. They use organic skincare products imported from Hungary, Switzerland and Germany combined with products created using locally sourced organic produce. If you are looking for a spa package to unwind over a weekend or gift your loved one, ESSPA may be the right choice in terms of service, price, safety, and variety. You can get in touch with the team via phone or email in case you need any further information about ESSPA’s spa package services or book an appointment.