Spa Etiquette to Be Mindful of

Jan 10, 2023
If you are visiting a day spa in Pittsburgh, you must familiarize yourself with the etiquette associated with spa treatments. For example, many day spas require that guests arrive at least 15 minutes before their scheduled appointment time.

This gives the guest time to check in and prepare for their treatment. It might not be a rule carved in stone, but it’s what most spas go by. And below are a few more rules of etiquette for day spas!

•   Turn Off Your Cellphone
Day spas may have policies regarding cell phone usage; it is best to assume that phones should be turned off or set on silent while inside the spa.

•   Keep Talking to a Minimum
It’s also important to remember that day spas provide a relaxing atmosphere, and talking should be kept to a minimum.

Similarly, day spas offer treatments as a form of relaxation, so putting too much pressure on your massage therapist will not make for an enjoyable experience.

•   Tip You Therapist
Finally, day spas offer a variety of services and products. Tip your spa therapists according to the service you receive. And feel free to purchase products that may help with future treatments or homecare.

Many day spas have special discounts on certain days of the week or month. In addition, they are happy to assist in creating a package tailored specifically for you!

By being mindful of day spa etiquette, guests can ensure they get the most out of their day spa experience! With knowledge of these key points, everyone can enjoy an enjoyable and relaxing day at Pittsburgh day spa.

So don’t forget to take time out of your schedule and treat yourself to a day at the spa! You won’t regret it!

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