Eyebrow Embrodiery for perfect, full, beautiful eyebrows

Eyebrow Embroidery at ESSpa Organic Skincare
Eyebrows frame the face, and when designed and correctly groomed, they can add symmetry and definition to lift the eyes, give a brow lift and create a more youthful, vibrant and healthy appearance. Eyebrows are the windows to your emotions - happy, sad, excited, scared, or pensive. Those with sparse or light eyebrows can now enjoy full, beautifully shaped, natural looking brows created with single hair strokes which resemble small natural hairs for a fuller finish. Unlike Eyebrow tattooing of old, this is a semi-permanent application using a hypo-allergenic, medical-grade pigment and will naturally fade over a 2 year period, as the pigment is not placed as deep in the skin as would result from a tattoo parlor.

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