Guest Information Forms

Your safety, health and wellbeing is our primary concern. To help you better relax during your visit at our Spa and to ensure that every treatment results in the most positive benefits possible, we kindly ask all of our guests to complete the appropriate Guest Information Form below and email your completed form to at your earliest convenience in the privacy of wherever you are, prior to your arrival for your scheduled service. Your assistance in completing this form will greatly assist us in making your time with us as pleasant as possible.

Please Select the Massage Intake Form if you are scheduled for a Massage or Body Treatment.

Please Select the Skincare Intake Form if you are scheduled for any Facial, Waxing or Esthetic Service. If you are not sure of which form to complete, please fill out both Forms, just to be safe.

IMPORTANT: All forms and any personal information provided therein are kept encrypted and strictly confidential.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you soon at esSpa Organic Hungarian Skincare + Salon.