SilverSol Nano Silver Toothpaste

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Prod. Code: SilverSol Nano Silver Toothpaste

Naturally whiten your teeth, while cleaning and protecting to promote healthy teeth and gums up to 12 hours.
Contains SilverSol®, Above-Sea Coral Calcium, Xylitol and Essential Oils
Above-Sea Coral Calcium helps to clean, whiten and re-mineralize your teeth
Freshens your breath with essential oils for a natural, winter mint taste
Probiotic friendly
Made with natural ingredients
Naturally promotes healthy teeth and gums up to 12 hours
No BPA, parabens, harsh preservatives, synthetic colors, harmful sulfates, SLS, or gluten
Safe for Children.

Independent studies have shown SilverSol Technology to be up to 10x more effective than products containing up to 3,000ppm silver.