The Muscle Man

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Prod. Code: The Muscle Man - Gentleman's Sports Facial

When we exercise for a prolonged period of time, we can over extend the muscles and aches and pains can occur. Even driving a car or sat at a desk for long periods of time can have the same results. Typically tightening of the muscles is due to a build up of lactic acid. The only raw material the body uses to neutralise the lactic acid build up is Oxygen. Our potent Oxygen rich creams are clinically proven to deliver increased oxygen to the area of application. This treatment is fantastic for any sports treatment or chronic type problem because as well as massaging the muscles in an effort to bring fresh oxygenated blood to the area we get far greater results by combining it with our patented oxygen creams. This treatment is generally designed to last an hour and is confined to the area where the client has the problem.