AntiOxidant Pore Draw Facial

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This is the facial preferred by the new Princess Catherine / Duchess of Cambridge. It was voted “the best facial in the world” by The London Times and is the treatment that many well-know celebrities start with and continue with until their skin is balanced and clear of major congestion. Enjoyed regularly by the entire cast of “Friends” and other A-list stars, to ensure that they have clean and bright complexions. A fresh hot water infusion of lemon, lime, lavender and mint is used to wash and refresh throughout this treatment, breaking down excess oils and promoting a glowing complexion. A fresh custom blended massage oil, with lemon and lime is used during a rewarding lymph massage to de-congest, followed by Herzog’s patented oxygen therapy to detox, stimulate and increase lymphatic action to really banish toxin out of the skin. This is the only safe extraction facial. The oxygen sterilises both the therapists hands and the client’s skin, and makes sure that there is no risk of cross infection. The oxygen then goes deep into the skin creating a force and an energy that pushes trapped toxins and congestion, up towards the surface for easy extraction. Finally the same oxygen works to heal and repair the skin following extraction. Results in visibly clearer skin that is not swollen or angry.