Series of 4 MicroDermabrasion w/ Short Facial

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We are proud to announce our status as a certified MEGAPeel Service Provider. Infinitely adjustable, the MEGAPeel Microdermabrasion Program is the most advanced non-invasive Skin Enhancement System available. Unlimited variable controls allow us to customize our dermabrasion sessions to effectively treat any skintype (even sensitive skin) while reducing the possibility of redness and irritation. The other unique feature of the MEGAPeel System is its exclusive "closed loop" design ensuring that the crystals used during your Treatment are sterile and free of contamination and allowing for environmentally safe disposal. Do you know what's in that other Spa's machine? Do they? You may be surprised. Just ask us for a complimentary initial consultation and demonstration of this fantastic new treatment. You will surely be pleased with the results as years of lines and wrinkles melt away.

Microdermabrasion, also referred to as the “lunch time” procedure, is a popular procedure which is classified as light, or very superficial dermabrasion. This method employs aluminum oxide crystals that are propelled at the skin and immediately sucked up. It is used to treat acne, dyschromias, and general “rejuvenation”. It is also popular because it is painless and there is no recovery time after the procedure.