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Le Face Super Exclusive Facial

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Le Face is Eva's exclusive star treatment. Pennsylvania's Best Facial for Anti-Aging Facial rejuvenation using non-invasive therapy.

This unique treatment is individually customized to perfectly accommodate any individual. It is effective and safe for men and women of all ages, of any skin type and color with no downtime necessary. You will immediately return to your daily activities while enjoying glowing, firmer, radiant skin and reaping the cumulative benefits for weeks afterward.

“Le Face” provides 6 incredible, technologically advanced, safe & effective Anti-Aging therapies! Other "non-surgical facelift" type facials typically only provide 4. There is no longer a need to settle for overpriced and outdated injectables, harsh chemical peels, invasive dermaplaning, expensive lasers or singular, expensive radio frequency treatments! Find out why “Le Face” is consistently voted “Best Facial in Pittsburgh.”

Proper skin preparation that includes gentle & effective exfoliation using customized choice from one of Eva's exclusive cosmeceutical products.

Gentle Ultrasonic resurfacing, the same technology your dental hygienist uses to clean your teeth.

The two most advanced collagen building & skin tightening FDA approved therapies - Radio Frequency & Ultrasound, delivered in soothing and pain-free treatment.

FDA approved muscle 'lifting' Microcurrent therapy which also boosts product penetration by up to 47 Clinically proven cell energizing & bacteria blasting ionic silver therapy. FDA approved Red & Infrared; Blue & Red light; or Amber & Green LED therapy that includes microelectric stimulation! Clinically proven to stimulate collagen/elastin for pure rejuvenation & deliver antibacterial therapy second to none. LED light therapy does NOT activate melanin thus does not affect color of skin or heighten risk of skin cancer! LED also does not harm the retina of the eye & although very bright, your eyes will be covered.

Glorify in the immediate results and enjoy knowing that your skin has been effectively treated for rejuvenation at a cellular level, not just on the surface but from the inside out. Le Face the anti-aging knockout is a registered Treatment available exclusively from Eva Kerschbaumer at ESSpa Kozmetika Organic Skin Care and nowhere else in the world.

A la Carte individual's back to back with Peel $1000
Babyface: 90 minutes $399
Retain, Prevent & Maintain: 60 minutes $299
Service with Eva + $75