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Prod. Code: Traditional Hungarian Health & Wellness Program

Congratulations! You have been personally selected from our 12,000+ active ESSpa Kozmetika clients to participate in the most exclusive and exciting development since Attila led the Huns to settle in a fertile valley on the banks of the Duna River............

Hungarian skincare expert, Eva Kerschbaumer and I (her trusty manservant and husband Scott) have spent the last three months fine-tuning what we think will revolutionize the American spa industry (we say American because the Huns figured this one out centuries ago). Everyday a new report comes out explaining the benefits of stress-reducing wellness programs. Our concept is a preventative health & wellness program designed to demonstrate and teach you how to take proper care of your skin and body. Our CARE PROGRAMS are built on 20+ years of exhaustive research and delivery of 100,000+ treatments to loyal ESSpa Kozmetika guests and clients **not to mention that Eva has been doing this A LOT longer than 20 years, long before she came to the US in 1996, so trust me when I say “Eva knows what she is talking about.”

Our CARE PROGRAMS will deliver what our thousands of guests have said they need most - a good, simple plan that combines effective treatments AND great value with an incentive to make sure they "stick with the program". Our CARE PROGRAM is the answer, it is THE antidote, THE prescription that our guests have been waiting for to finally help fix what ails them.

Our CARE PROGRAMS will help you become pain-free, reduce your stress, increase your energy AND you can look forward to having at least 1 hour per week when no one will bother you, ask you silly questions, cause you grief, anguish or stress OR question your authority. Our CARE PROGRAM will give you 1 hour per week when you will be absolute Master and Commander (that was a great movie, BTW - did you get to meet Russel Crowe while he was in town?) BUT (and this is perhaps the most important part of this letter) our CARE PROGRAMS will NOT fix anything if you refuse to take action......................

In Fact, I am 99.9% certain that if you do NOT call 412-782-3888 or email right away and reserve your space in one of our three CARE PROGRAM levels - you WILL NOT start feeling better, that you WILL NOT reduce your stress, that you WILL NOT be pain-free, you WILL NOT have more energy, and you WILL NOT feel more Vibrant and ALIVE.

If you DO NOT do anything, you are going to wonder why your friend, neighbor and co-workers are looking better, acting happier, laughing more and just seem more ALIVE, and I don't want you to say THAT COULD BE ME! I don't want you to get stuck on the outside looking at all the happy healthy people inside our spa. Don't wait - call, email, send a carrier pigeon, use smoke signals..... do whatever you have to do in order to join us today and start feeling better tomorrow.

There are 3 levels of CARE to choose from!

BASIC CARE A simple program that is guaranteed to deliver real, tangible results - BASIC CARE provides you with four 50 minute massages (your choice of modality) and one (1) additional body treatment of your choice PLUS 1 Red Light Bed Session PLUS 1 Vibration Plate Therapy Session. The key to this program is that you have 5 weeks from start to finish to utilize all of your treatments. The total cost for this package - ONLY $497. To ensure effective implementation & results, we can only accept 30 people into the BASIC CARE PROGRAM. Call (412) 782-3888 right away to sign up.

ADVANCED CARE A bit more involved, this program is structured for those who might have some more chronic health issues and want to get on the right track - ADVANCED CARE provides you with six 50 minute massages (your choice of modality) AND includes 2 additional body treatments of your choice PLUS 2 Red Light Bed Sessions PLUS 2 Vibration Plate Therapy Sessions. ADVANCED CARE requires an 8 week commitment from start to finish. The total cost for this package - ONLY $697. Because we want to ensure that all patient guests get the appropriate attention, we can only accept 15 people into the ADVANCED CARE PROGRAM. Call (412) 782-3888 right away to sign up.

LIFE-CHANGING CARE The name says it all. This program is designed to help you turn back the clock, completely remove the environmental stress and pollutants that are killing your body, and give you a new foundation to live a healthy, beautiful life. LIFE-CHANGING CARE includes eight 50 minute massages (your choice of modality) PLUS 3 additional body treatments of your choice AND 1 ESSpa Facial PLUS 8 Red Light Bed Sessions PLUS 8 Vibration Plate Therapy Sessions.. LIFE-CHANGING CARE requires a 13 week commitment to fully realize the incredible benefits of this very special program. The total cost for this package - ONLY $1099. We can only deliver optimum LIFE-CHANGING results by limiting enrollment in the LIFE-CHANGING CARE PROGRAM to the first 8 patient guests who sign up. Call (412) 782-3888 right away to sign up.

Eva and I Personally Guarantee Your Complete Satisfaction Because we know that our ESSpa Kozmetika CARE PROGRAMs are by far the absolute best idea since sliced bread (or at least refrigeration), we are offering you an unheard of, up front guarantee. There is NO payment ($0.00) to begin any CARE PROGRAM - Your first treatment is absolutely free. If you like it, you can begin your PROGRAM. If you do not like it, if you do not feel better, if you feel that you have not received a great treatment, if you don't like the color of the room – simply tell Eva and Scott that you are disappointed and that you want to quit the Program and you owe nothing, zero, NADA ........ and life goes on.

Eva and I have spent a great deal of time working out all of the details to this program so you do not have to worry or do anything except show up, relax and feel better! We are concerned about your health not only because we care but also because if everyone gets sick and stays home, then we will be out of business real quick. We cannot stress enough how important it is to take proper care of yourself and we want you to consider us as a resource to help you live a healthier, pain-free, stress-free life.

Spa You Soon, Scott and Eva Kerschbaumer ESSpa Kozmetika Organic Skincare 17 Brilliant Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15215 (412) 782-3888

P.S. The time frames for our CARE PROGRAMS have been chosen to provide you with optimum physical and mental health benefits. You should know that we are going to make sure you keep to the schedule (for your own good). NOTE: You can choose any body treatments (wraps or scrubs) as your body treatments in each Level. And, you can take 50% off any additional treatments during your PROGRAM Period. So Call 412-782-3888 NOW – You have nothing to lose except your pain and stress!!