Cucumber MojiToe Ultimate Pedicure

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Let the essence of fresh cucumbers, limes and mint take you to a cool, luscious paradise without ever leaving town!

This decadent Treat for your Feet actually uses the namesake drink's ingredients to perform miracles on your tired toes.

First you will soak your feet in our hand-hammered copper bowl filled with our special soak. To this soak, we add fresh-sliced cucumber, fresh limes, mint and a splash of cucumber infused vodka, gin or rum. These ingredients all include natural enzymes to help break down rough and tired skin, loosen callouses and naturally deodorize hot and sweaty feet. Then follows an incredible foot and leg massage using our specially formulated exfoliating scrub of sugar, cucumber pulp, lime juice and fresh mint. After that comes a warm paraffin bath followed by a soothing clay mask to soften and moisturize while imparting a relaxing sensation to your feet and lower legs. While the mask is still working, we wrap your feet in warm mittens to enhance absorption of vital nutrients and minerals designed to revitalize your feet. Then we carefully trim all nails and cuticles to absolute perfection. And we finish the treatment with polish of your choice from our wide selection of over 300 vegan, organic nail colors.

For men (or the more natural amongst us) we will buff to a fine shine and seal your nails with an application of natural nail strengthener.

Comes complete with your own handcrafted Cucumber Mojito refresher. Now, if you could only get someone to massage your feet this well while you are at the beach with sipping cocktails...