Pevonia Dry Skin Complete Regimen

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Prod. Code: Pevonia Dry Skin Complete Regimen

Includes: Dry Skin Cleanser and Lotion, Rejuvenating Dry Skin Cream, and Vitaminic Concentrate in a Pevonia® White Pearl with Silver Trim Gift Box.
Brief Description: This rich rejuvenating Dry Skin Cleanser, Vitaminic Concentrate serum and Rejuvenating Dry Skin Cream deeply nourish excessively dry skin, revitalize and postpone premature aging.
Primary Benefits: Ease dryness, hydrate, nourish, smooth wrinkles, even skin tone, fight free radicals, reduce stress plus energize, combat aging and protect.
Who Needs It: For those with dry skin that feels tight, rough, flakey or irritated and needs serious moisture. Great for those who are concerned with preventing signs of aging and have uneven skin tone and texture.