Acne Control and Cosmetics for Sensitive Skin

Featuring anti-acne skincare serums for every skin type and age

ESSpa Kozmetika takes pride in helping our guests control acne breakouts, from troublesome teen years to chronic adult acne. One of the skins natural and basic functions is to produce sebum; it is part of the essential waste elimination process, carrying unwanted toxins and bacteria out of the body, through pores on to the surface the skin and away from the body. Some of us, at certain times in our lives and probably triggered by a hormonal fluctuation and imbalance, will produce more sebum, than the skin can actually eliminate.

For those with these over-active sebaceous glands, a problem occurs when the sticky, oily sebum builds up within the walls of the hair shaft, and attracts dead skin cells at the epidermis to collect and block the pore opening. The oily sebum then gathers within the hair shaft and follicle and with no path of escape, builds and builds. This environment is warm, most and low in oxygen and is therefore the optimum breeding ground for the bacteria contained within the sebum. Within a short space of time, this, building bacteria, will form a pustule or spot. Some can be more deep rooted than others, in which case cysts can occur.

Acne is a problem that all of us face at one time or another in our lives, don't be concerned or ashamed. Browse and choose one of the effective items below or select from our more expensive (and even more effective) Karin Herzog Oxygen line of products. Call and ask Eva or one of her licensed estheticians to help you find just the right product and treatment regimine to restore your perfect face.