Mukha Essentials: Natural MakeUp that is good for your skin

Clinical Mineral MakeUp for beautiful results that actually provide cosmetic benefits

Mukha Essentials - Exclusively available in Western Pennsylvania at ESSpa Kozmetika.

Mukha Essentials is an entirely new concept in cosmetics and skin health based on the purity of color from the earth's natural minerals brought to light through the unrivalled artistry of its founder and creator, Tim Maurer. His philosophy has always been to empower individuals to find and define their own unique beauty. With this glamorous collection of unique colors and shades following with his cutting edge skincare, its never been easier to create a personal palette and ease in routine, for every day, for every changing mood. Taking inspiration from fashion and nature, Mukha Essentials is one of the most fashion-forward makeup lines, continually mirroring the season's hottest colors and creating the most striking looks.

With the creation of Mukha Essentials, ESSpa Kozmetika now offers our guests a vision of make-up as skin care. This ground-breaking collection is completely free of oil, alcohol, talc and fragrance. It is made with natural mineral-based formulas proven to restore the texture and tone of the face. The idea is to uncover and highlight your full beauty potential, giving women flawless, lightweight coverage that will make them feel confident and beautiful everyday."

Mukha Essentials is a new natural makeup line now available exclusively at ESSpa Kozmetika in Western Pennsylvania. This advanced makeup formulation combines pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, natural high-pigment minerals and antioxidants for unsurpassed coverage and skin protection. Mukha Essentials' skin nurturing benefits include complete UV protection, continuous coverage, non-irritating for all types of skin, and non-comedogenic so your skin can breathe. This advanced makeup line has a great color palette including the hottest hues and old time favorites. Flawless skin is everyone’s dream... Mukha Essentials at ESSpa Kozmetika makes it a reality.

Mukha Essentials Bases
Mukha Essentials bases deliver a flawless complexion while improving the health and appearance of the skin. They provide multiple advantages with a single application including non-comedogenic, foundation, powder, concealer, antioxidant benefits and UV protection.

Mukha Essentials Cheeks
For every beautiful complexion, there is a perfect blush, a seamless bronzer or a shimmer powder to highlight and accentuate it. Mukha Essentials natural formulas provide a rich color palette representing the richest plums, nudes, roses and earth tones.

Mukha Essentials Eyes
These high pigment eye shadows and pencils are now available at ESSpa Kozmetika.

Mukha Essentials Lips
Mukha Essentials lip products are formulated to deliver full, luscious lips in colors ranging from natural nudes to radiant pinks. The signature lip treatments work to luxuriously deliver intense moisture with antioxidant treatment benefits.

The Mukha MakeUp Palette & Pro Brush Set
Mukha’s custom color palette Visit Esspa Kozmetika and create your own. Our exclusive palette allows you to pick the colors and options that fit you. Stores: 2 cream to powder foundations, 6 lip color/lip glosses, 2 blush/bronzers, 6 eyeshadows, and a complete set of Mukha brushes and mascara.