Spa Club Memberships

Look Better - Feel Better - Live Better: The Spa Club will keep your Family Healthy & Happy

ESSpa Kozmetika Spa Club promotes Family and Corporate Health.

ESSpa Kozmetika SkinCare is pleased to introduce the Spa Club. This fully transferable program allows an entire family to share complimentary visits  and enjoy any Spa Services and Treatments including facials and dermabrasion, massage, manicures and pedicures, waxing, makeup and more.

"We established the Spa Club to encourage our clientele to take advantage of and share the healthful, restorative and relaxing services we offer as a family, in the traditional as well as corporate sense” says owner Eva Sztupka, “In Hungary, a visit to the spa is not a luxury; it is a regular part of our daily hygiene regimen from childhood through our adult lives.”

Unique among American day spas, ESSpa Kozmetika is fashioned after an authentic Hungarian boutique where services are a prerequisite to fundamental health. Facials promote healthy skin, massage provides therapeutic benefits as well as promotes healing; and nail care is an essential component of grooming and cleanliness that reduces carpal-tunnel and joint-related stress.

While visiting the spa, our Spa Club Members may access a line of all-natural, organic skin care products imported from Hungary. These handmade products are exclusively available at ESSpa Kozmetika in the Tri-State region.

“Our clients already know, but I want to educate others as to the lasting results of visiting ESSpa Kozmetika on a regular basis. Our treatments provide noticeable health benefits without drugs or invasive procedures. The Spa Club is the perfect vehicle to deliver lasting benefits of proper skincare to an entire family or corporatation. And your household will definitely be a more relaxed and happy place. Membership allows an entire family to enjoy all the amenities and health benefits of a world-class Spa for one low monthly price,” Eva says. “I can’t think of a better family present.”

Monthly Spa Club Memberships are available at four different levels of benefits. Click below or call 412-969-3989 for more information today.

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