Eva Sztupka Kerschbaumer Expert Skin Care Seminars

Dedicated to Enhancing your Mind, Body & Soul


Eva is humbled by the number of requests for her to come speak about and demonstrate her Traditional Hungarian Skincare techniques. These special engagements allow Eva to share her primary belief that having a facial, massage or other skincare treatment really shouldn't focus on the luxury of being pampered - it should focus on how to acheive and maintain the health of your skin and body.

The problem is that most of us pay little or no attention to skincare until something goes wrong (acne breakouts, roseaca, wrinkles, sun damage, etc.) and then we run to the dermatologist and try to medicate the symptoms without finding the cause. Let's face it, everybody wants to live forever and look great but few take the time required to properly maintain ourselves - we want the quick fix (surgery, a pill, a tuck here or there). While this may alieviate the immediate problem, it is an unnatural and unhealthy way to live your life.

Eva's Seminars help explain the where and why of the most common (and sometimes uncommon) skincare problems and teach you how they can be treated without drugs or surgery. Eva doesn't have a quick, overnight fix. What she has developed, and what she will share with you, is a plan - a road map that will show you how you can regain your youthful glow and maintain it. And the best thing about her plan to a better look is that your body will be more healthy and you will feel better physically.

You are cordially invited to browse the choices below and see how you and your friends and associates can benefit from an Eva Sztupka Seminar.

This Seminar takes approximately 2.5 to 3 hours and provides businesses and organizations with a unique opportunity to address the unnoticed health requirements of their human resources. Call 412-782-3888 today for details and scheduling.

Think about how much time, money and effort is spent trying to design buildings, chairs, and workstations that make people feel better. Now add the time each of your associates spends every day in front of the mirror trimming, brushing, and applying a complex array of products for the sole purpose of making themsleves look better. Why  - because when a person looks better they feel better about themselves. it is a proven fact that people who feel better are incredibly more productive.

The trick is how do you get the benefits of looking (and feeling) good without spending 3 hours in the bathroom (or at the salon) every day?

The Eva Sztupka Skincare Seminar will educate your associates about their skin and teach them a step by step plan to help them properly maintain their skin and body health. The Seminar uses a four block approach.