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Hungarian Honey ALL OVER - 120min

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Price: $190.00

Prod. Code: Hungarian Honey ALL OVER - 120min

Our newest treatment is delivered by our newest team member, Hungarian Massage Specialist, Edit Herman has joined the ESSpa Kozmetika staff and brings with her an incredible wealth of knowledge including the Hungarian Honey Massage. For 2 hours, your Therapist will massage warmed, organic, raw, locally-sourced honey over your back, glutes, thighs, arms, legs and feet. This is a Full Body Treatment. As the therapy progresses, the honey is completely absorbed into your body while the constant kneading of the honey encourages a thorough detoxification and drainage of the lymph glands and fatty deposits.

Honey massage is type of soft tissue massage that has beneficial healing properties to the body. Besides water and carbohydrates, there are essential micro elements, minerals, enzymes and antibiotics. When eaten those beneficial nutrients are being partly destroyed by the hydrochloric stomach acid, but when applied to the skin they are fully absorbed.

First make sure that you are not allergic to honey and try to get a liquid non-crystallized one from a local herbal shop.

Pour honey all over the area that will be massaged. Then try to “unglue” your hands from the area by palm clapping and rubbing motions. Continue until all the honey disappears. If you’ve been doing it right then white-gray skin pallets will form. This indicates that the years accumulated harmful toxins held under the skin are being removed effectively. When you finish wash the skin with sponge and warm water. The healing effects can be felt immediately. Be warned that the skin will remain red for a short time right after the treatment and initially may hurt, but after a couple of sessions it will adapt. For effective cellulite removal you’ll need at least 15 such sessions. Duration: 90 minutes.

  1. cleans moisturizes and nourishes the skin
  2. removes salts and toxins
  3. relaxes the nervous system
  4. improves blood circulation, metabolism
  5. increases the lymphatic system flow
  6. Anti-cellulite
  7. frees from intellectual and physical chronic exhaustion
  8. increases immunity and the ability of the organism to purify itself