Skincare Self-Assesment

Self-Assessment Exercise

As you can see if you browse this site, Eva offers many different and complementary services. It is not always obvious, however, how to translate from the description of a service to your own aesthetic concerns. You may not be aware of all the many imperfections and age-related changes that Eva can treat. Of course, only Eva herself can make an individual assessment, and can develop the optimal, personalized program for you. The best way to profit from Eva's overall expertise is to schedule a Total-Look Consultation with her.

You may find it enlightening to glance into a virtual or real-life mirror, and to check what you see against the following list. If you are bothered by any of the listed items, talk to Eva about what magic she can work to address your concerns. You can schedule an appointment by calling ESSpa (412-782-3888).

Areas to Consider in Your Self-Assessment:


Wrinkles and crinkles

    1. Frown lines
    2. Surprise lines
    3. Expression lines
    4. Worry lines

Thin or nonexistent eyebrows
Sagging eyebrows

Eye Area

  1. Lack of eye emphasis and drama
  2. Thin or nonexistent eyelashes
  3. Excess eyelid skin (droopy eyelids)
  4. Under-eye hollows, bags, or dark circles
  5. Wrinkles and crinkles
  6. Crow’s feet
  7. Laugh lines
  8. Bunny lines (sides of nose)

Tired appearance

Mouth Area

Wrinkles and crinkles

    1. Nasolabial folds (smile lines)
    2. Marionette lines (sides of chin)
    3. Pucker lines (smoker’s lines)
    4. Sad-clown lines (corner downturn)


    1. Pale or unflattering color
    2. Uneven or unflattering shape
    3. Poor definition
    4. Thin or flat, not full
    5. Lipstick feathering or bleeding
    6. Crinkled surface  

Gum show (upper-lip lift)

Chin and Neck

    1. Marionette lines (sides of chin)
    2. Apple-dumpling chin (puckers)
    3. Turkey wattle, turkey neck
    4. Neck rings (horizontal)
    5. Neck bands (vertical)
    6. Heavy, sagging, or flabby jowls


    1. Freckles, brown spots
    2. Red spots
    3. Skin tags
    4. Acne or other scars, depressions
    5. Visible or broken veins
    6. Clogged pores, blackheads, pimples
    7. Sallow color
    8. Red or ruddy color
    9. Uneven color or texture
    10. Rough, bumpy, coarse texture
    11. Enlarged pores
    12. Excessive oiliness or dryness
    13. Lack of tone, laxity
    14. Lack of resilience; thin and inelastic
    15. Smeared or messy makeup

Unwanted hair

    1. Eyebrows
    2. Lip
    3. Chin
    4. Axillary (underarm) hair
    5. Hair around nipples
    6. Bikini-area hair
    7. Ears / Sideburns
    8. Any other bothersome tufts

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