CIT Collagen Induction Therapy AntiAging Treatment

Facial Reuvenation via MicroAeration of the Epidermis

LET THE "GOOD STUFF" PENETRATE DEEP - MAXIMIZE YOUR RESULTS! Have you ever spent hundreds of dollars on expensive lotions, creams, and serums only to realize that these expensive potions were just sitting on top of your skin and not penetrating deep enough to actually make improvements to your face?

Your skin is made to be a barrier. It is supposed to keep stuff from getting inside your body. The vast majority of skincare products aren't effective because they are lipid (fat) based and your skin is designed to keep out the larger Lipid molecules that are in most OTC cosmetic creams. Even the most expensive creams can barely get past your skin's barrier. Now, consider letting Eva and her ESSpa Esthetic Experts show you how our unique skin rolling system can open up micro channels in your skin so that the peptides, vitamins, antioxidants and other vital nutrients in some of OUR serums and potions can be delivered where they can do the most good for your face - UNDER YOUR SKIN, not sitting on top of it!

When you use our MicroNeedling Derma Rollers with our customized skin care creams, essential oils, lotions, and serums (our Hyaluron and Stem Cell serums are fantastic), you will see and feel a difference in the radiance, health, and texture of your skin. Experience the ESSpa difference today!

Art & Science of Skin Needling

If you look at a blemish, you will see that it is very different from surrounding skin. No matter what is the origin of the mark or what type of a scar it is—it will not have normal skin layers and will always be formed by rough, disorganized bundles of collagen.

All of this makes it very difficult to deliver active ingredients into this area. First, exfoliation removes the upper layer of dead skin cells, so that active ingredients can be absorbed much more easily. However, if you have thick damage, or if you simply want to ensure that copper peptides are delivered exactly where you want them, you may consider combining copper peptide products with a technique called microneedling.

Medical needling has been used for many years by dermatologists to help trigger skin rejuvenation. Even though it is very effective, the procedure of needling the skin must be performed in a clinical setting, requires anesthesia, and may lead to irritation and sometimes hyperpigmentation. Microneedling is a gentler and much safer version of medical needling. It is a minimally invasive technique that uses very tiny needles to essentially create temporary pores. Microneedling devices are safe, very inexpensive, and can be used at home.

A recent scientific study confirmed microneedling to be a safe and effective way to deliver copper peptides into skin. The rate and depth of penetration of copper peptides increased with the force of application. So, if you have just started using copper peptides with a needling device, it is always best to be very gentle at first. Always listen to your skin, and when in doubt—start slowly and proceed with caution.

Microneedling, in combination with autologous—a client’s own platelet-rich plasma which naturally contains GHK-Cu was shown to be very effective in the treatment of atrophic marks. Others have reported success in treatment of stretch marks using microneedling. Forty women with stretch marks were divided to two groups—one was treated with microneedling and another with a combination of microdermabrasion and sonophoresis. The microneedling group showed much greater improvement compared to the second group. If in the “microdermabrasion plus sonophoresis” group, there was a 50% increase of collagen synthesis; in the “microneedling” group, there was a 90% increase!

Thinking about trying at-home microneedling? Let's review some important tips:
Skin Needling Plus Copper Peptides

First, always cleanse the area thoroughly with a gentle, neutral pH cleanser (such as Dr. Pickart's Liquid Cleanser). Of course, your hands have to be completely clean as well. If your skin is red, irritated, experiencing an active breakout (or if you have any skin condition), please use copper peptides and biological oils to soothe the skin until any irritation is reduced. DO NOT USE AROUND THE EYES.

Depending on their skincare goals, many have successfully used skin rollers in various ways. Here is the best technique that works well for the majority:

1. Gently roll on thoroughly cleansed skin, letting the device do the work for you. Avoid pressing too hard or rolling too swiftly. Always start with minimal pressure, then increase when you are sure it is well tolerated.

2. After rolling, apply a light amount of a copper peptide product. Many choose copper peptide serums as they can easily be diluted with water before applying to the area. Highly compatible products to use along with needling devices are: GHK-Copper Serum (mild), Regular CP Serum (moderate), Skin Signal Solution, or Super CP Serum (very strong - may be diluted with water before application after needling).

3. If needed, soothe skin after rolling with a moisturizing biological oil (such as Emu Oil-S Lipid Replenisher).

Skin microneedling can be safely performed on all skin colors and types. Those new to skin rolling should always start with a shorter length needle (0.5 mm is perfect for general facial use).

Finally, it is very important to give your skin a good rest between needling sessions. Usually once a week, or once every two weeks, achieves excellent results with no side effects. Regular use of copper peptide serums and oil moisturizers between sessions will help restore smoothness and suppleness to your skin.

LET THE WORLD SEE YOUR BEAUTY When you feel confident, happy, and proud to be in your own skin, the natural result is gratitude and joy. We know how it feels to smile a little bigger, hold your head a little higher, and be a little kinder when you feel beautiful.

-Acne Scars
-Enlarged Pores
-Fine Lines
-Loose Skin
-Surgical Scars
-Crows Feet
-Saggy Skin
DERMA ROLLING IS THE PERFECT SOLUTION for all of these issues and more.

IMPROVING FACES ALL OVER PITTSBURGH ONE ROLLER AT A TIME When you feel confident and proud to be in your own skin, the natural result is happiness and gratitude. We know how it feels to smile a little bigger, hold your head a little higher, and be a little kinder when you feel beautiful.


SERUMS AND CREAMS ARE MORE EFFECTIVE AT DEEPER LEVELS Our MicroNeedling Derma Rollers will induce collagen production deep within your skin to promote healthier, smoother, and more hydrated skin.

You'll find that the kit works to help:
Make your skin firmer & more plump
Create a silky smooth texture across your skin
Diminish the appearance of wrinkles and lines
Tighten saggy, loose skin
Even out your skin tone
Bring your younger self out to the surface