Eyelash Extensions; MakeUp & Tinting Services

Look beautiful and sexy with lash extensions and mineral makeup from ESSpa Kozmetika.

The Final Touch by Qualified Experts

The rich and famous rely on professional stylists that use the appropriate coloring, products and application techniques best suited to their skin-type. Eva spent years studying cosmetics under Dr. Julius Heuberger at Mercatura BioTech AG (the largest cosmetics company in Germany) before she went on to be a cover model for European Cosmo, Vogue, Paris-Match and others. Let her and her team of professionals at ESSpa Kozmetika show you the make-up secrets of the stars as they create your flawless finish.

Perfect skin, enchanting eyes and full, luscious lips are accessories that never go out of fashion. Eva and her Beauty Experts believe that makeup is a tool designed to enhance your own inherent beauty and personal sense of style. Exclusive Mineral Makeup at ESSpa Kozmetika. These healthy, skincare-based cosmetic products begin with a individually customized palette to perfectly match your skin tone for the ideal makeup look. Whether it’s a barely-there fresh face or a glamorous, vibrant palette, Eva will provide a makeup look that will not only make you look beautiful but feel beautiful. And because it is made with natural ingredients, our mineral makeup will not irritate your healthy skin, in fact, it actually will help protect it from environmental pollutants. Call today and ask about our Personal Makeover.

ESSpa Kozmetika Founder & Skincare Expert, Eva Sztupka-Kerschbaumer is one of the only Xtreme Eyelash Trained Specialists in Western Pennsylvania. While there are thousands of people selling and offering lash extensions, Xtreme and Borboleta are the Premier Eyelash Companies in the world. Their products are the absolute best and their training is superior to all others. When you see celebreties on the red carpet with long, sexy, incredibly perfect eyelashes, chances are you are seeing these Lashes at work.