Collagen Induction Therapy Device

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Prod. Code: Collagen Induction Device

Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) can be accomplished at home to ensure the best, most long-lasting results. Our devices are currently being used for wrinkle-fading, advanced blemish care, skin firming*, and for heightening the penetration of serums and our other active peptide products for a more vibrant skin appearance on face, body, and scalp. Your device will come sterile and sealed and will include detailed instructions for usage.
Available in .25mm and .50mm needle length.

* Personal Instructions for proper use are absolutely required. Please note that our experts DO NOT recommend consumer at-home use of any microneedle device with a needle length above .50mm - You should be very cautious of anyone trying to sell you a dermaroller with a longer needle length.